Can I leave my money in the SIS Pension Fund after I retire?


You can choose to leave it in the SIS Pension Fund even after you retire. Whatever portion of your money remaining in your account is invested based on the Life Stage Fund in which you are invested. The Trustees encourage you to leave your SIS Pension money in the SIS Pension Fund until you are ready to withdraw all or a part of it. The IRS will make you withdraw at least a minimal amount each year once you reach age 70 .


While there is no requirement to withdraw your money from the SIS Pension Fund, you are encouraged to use your SIS Pension Fund money to supplement your retirement income. For a few ideas about how to do that, follow the links below.


Withdraw a Partial Lump Sum


Elect a two-year Installment


Use the SIS Pension Fund to supplement your income during the years before you get Social Security


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