Early Retirement


It is the goal of many Sprinkler Fitters to retire early Ė even at age 55.Even though, once you have at least 15 pension credits in the NASI Pension Fund, you qualify for a pension from the NASI Pension Fund at age 55, you canít get your Social Security retirement benefit until you are at least age 62 (unless you meet their Disability rules).In general, you donít need more money each month at age 62 than at age 55 Ė your living expenses will be similar as you age, although inflation may tend to erode the buying power of your fixed income.


Here are some ways others have solved the problem of retiring earlier than age 62.


Use the SIS Pension Fund to supplement your income during the years before you get Social Security.


Withdraw a Partial Lump Sum


Elect a two-year Installment


Should I Choose the Split-Level Option from the NASI Pension Plan?


Work another job.


Delay your Retirement date.


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What other optional forms of benefit from the NASI Pension Fund are available?


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