What can I do to maximize my benefits?


If you got a late start in the industry, you may need to increase the rate of return your SIS Pension Money receives.  Greater return is generally associated with greater risk.  In this context, risk is the up and down price volatility of a stock or a bond.  Taking greater risk does not mean that you might lose all of your money. The greater stock exposure of the maximum growth fund is generally considered most appropriate for the younger investor.  However, if you are risk tolerant or if you simply need to take the chance that by the time you want to retire, you might not have enough time to financially recover from a downturn in the stock market, you can consider the Life Stage Funds with greater stock exposure than generally recommended for those your age.


Consider postponing your retirement.  By doing that, you will have the triple effect of adding money (employer contributions) to your account, giving you more time for investments to grow your account and it will also delay the day when you need to begin withdrawing money from your account to supplement your retirement income.



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