Preretirement Surviving Spouse Pension


If, as of your date of death, you are vested under the Plan but haven't yet retired, your surviving spouse will be entitled to a Pre-retirement Surviving Spouse Pension. The amount of the benefit payable to your surviving spouse is based on the monthly benefit you were eligible to receive at your death. In the event of your pre-retirement death, your spouse will receive $1648.94 per month. If you die before age 55, your monthly benefit will be calculated as if you had stopped working on the day of your death, lived to and retired at age 55, and died the next day. If you die after age 55, your monthly benefit will be based on your actual age at death.


You can see the amount that would be payable to you based on your current pension credits by using the NASI Pension Fundís Pension Estimator.


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