I will have medical coverage through the NASI Welfare Plan


It is hard to consider early retirement unless you have medical coverage.Most Americans outside of organized labor do not have access to affordable health coverage until they qualify for Medicare at age 65.You do not have to worry about this because you are eligible for medical coverage from the NASI Welfare Fund.Even so, you will have to budget for the monthly premium payments.The monthly premium will be deducted directly from your NASI Pension Fund benefit.The NASI Welfare Fund charges retirees about Ĺ of the actual cost of medical benefits to retirees.Many sprinkler local unions provide additional subsidy to retirees affiliated with their local unions through the Retired Employee Subsidy Account (RESA) program.If you are eligible for your local union RESA, your share of the cost for your medical will be lower than someone whose local union does not provide a RESA subsidy or someone who does not qualify for their local unionís RESA.You can refer to the chart to see what the retirees from each local union currently pay for retiree medical coverage. You should contact the Fund office if you are not sure whether you will qualify for the subsidy available from your Local Unionís RESA.


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