I will not have medical coverage through the NASI Welfare Plan


Perhaps you should consider continuing to work in covered employment so that you can maintain eligibility for medical benefits.Postponing retirement will help conserve your retirement assets for any period before you can get Medicare at age 65.Of course, you will need to consider when your spouse will become eligible for Medicare also.If you have coverage through your spouseís employer, investigate the possibilities of self pay or COBRA coverage before your spouse stops employment.You might need to budget for premiums for COBRA or other coverage after retirement using some of your SIS Pension Fund money.


If your SIS Pension account is large enough, you may be able to purchase health benefits for the time before you (donít forget your spouse) become eligible for Medicare.Medicare eligibility is usually age 65, even if your full Social Security retirement age is 66 or later.An exception to age 65 eligibility for Medicare is for people who qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits.


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