I am not sure whether I will have coverage through the NASI Welfare Plan


            In order to qualify for medical coverage as a retiree you


1)         have to have been eligible for benefits from the NASI Welfare Fund for at least 10 years during your lifetime.  Most Sprinkler Fitters who have made their living in the industry will easily meet this rule. 

2)         have to have been eligible for some time during at least seven out of the last ten years before you retire.

3)         must be reported with at least 500 hours to the NASI Welfare Fund during the period that consists of the year you retire and the two previous years.  (This is a total of 500 hours over the 25 to 36 months before you retire). 


If you are still not sure if you will be eligible for retiree medical coverage, contact the Fund office.


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