SIS Pension Fund


The Sprinkler Industry Supplemental (SIS) Pension Fund is a defined contribution (profit sharing) pension plan qualified under Section 401(a) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The SIS Pension Plan is designed to be flexible in the ways you can choose to supplement your retirement income.


While it is most common for people to not receive their SIS Pension Fund money in the form of a 50% Joint and Survivor (Husband and Wife) Annuity, this type of guaranteed income over two lives is available from the Plan.  In fact, it is the automatic form of benefit for married participants and must be rejected if you want to receive any other form of benefit, like a lump sum payment. 


Even though most people reject the joint and survivor annuity in favor of optional forms of benefits, it is still useful to know how much monthly income your entire SIS Pension Fund account could become.  You will receive this information when you receive information from the SIS Pension Fund in your application process. 


You can also see some descriptions of the benefit options available from the SIS Pension Fund here.


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