Planning for Retirement


This document is not intended to replace the plan documents of the SIS Pension Plan or the NASI Pension Plan or the NASI Welfare Plan. It is hoped that this will serve as a practical guide to help Sprinkler Fitters plan for their retirement.




Sprinkler fitters have retirement benefits that are unlike, in a very good way, the benefits available to most Americans outside of organized labor. Almost all Sprinkler Fitters will have monthly income guaranteed for the rest of their life from the NASI Pension Plan. Most sprinkler fitters also have a substantial individual account with the Sprinkler Industry Supplemental Pension Plan or with a similar plan through their local union. Finally, most sprinkler fitters will also be eligible for medical benefits for the rest of their life when they retire through the NASI Welfare Fund or a similar plan through their local union.


Along with Social Security, the benefits provided by the NASI Pension Plan, the SIS Pension Plan and the NASI Welfare Plan can provide a financially secure retirement. However, you need to make choices about your pension benefits that will affect your finances for the rest of your lives.


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