When Can I Get My SIS Pension Fund Money?


You become eligible for benefits from the SIS Pension Plan you retire or if you become totally and permanently disabled or when you separate from employment.  As required by the Internal Revenue Code, you must be separated from employment with an employer that makes contributions to the SIS Pension Plan in order to receive a distribution from the Plan.




To be considered “retired” before age 65, you have to be receiving your NASI Pension Fund pension benefit.  If you are not a Sprinkler Fitter, but you have a defined benefit pension similar to the NASI Pension Fund with your home local, you may qualify for a retirement benefit once you begin to receive benefits from that Plan.  An example of a person who “retires” as of April 1st of a year can expect to receive money from the SIS Pension Plan in early May.


You can be considered retired once you reach age 65 and you completely withdraw from work in the Sprinkler Industry.


Total and Permanent Disability


Your Individual Account is payable as a Disability Benefit at any age if you are totally and permanently disabled.  You are totally and permanently disabled if you are completely unable to engage in Covered Employment and it is reasonably certain that your condition will continue for your remaining lifetime. 


In order to receive a Disability Benefit, you must apply for it, and provide proof of your total and permanent disability.  The evidence of your disability which may be submitted includes proof of your entitlement to Social Security Disability Benefits or medical reports sufficiently detailed for the Trustees to determine whether you are totally and permanently disabled.


If you are so disabled that you are also entitled to disability benefits from

Social Security, you may also be entitled to a Disability Pension from the NASI Pension Fund.


Separation from Employment


General Rule


You qualify for a Separation from Employment benefit 12 months after you leave the piping industry.


Rule regarding contributions received before 1996


The General Rule noted above is good for your whole account; even contributions on work you performed before 1996.  However, in addition, even if you don’t meet the General Rule definition, you can receive a Separation from Employment benefit of the part of your account that was from contributions for work before 1996 two years after the year you stopped working for an employer that made contributions to the SIS Pension Plan on behalf of any of its employees.


Partial Distributions


If you choose to receive only a portion of your SIS Pension Fund account when you elect to receive a Separation from Employment provision of the Plan, you cannot apply for an additional withdrawal under this provision of the Plan during the 12 months after you receive a distribution. 


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