Partial Pensions
Section 8.01.     Eligibility for Partial Pension .

Partial Pensions are provided under this Plan solely for Employees who have become vested in the National Sprinkler Industry Pension Plan (hereinafter called the "Other Plan") for credited service earned under the National Automatic Sprinkler Metal Trades Pension Plan (hereinafter called "this Plan"). A Partial Pension shall be available in the form of a Disability Pension to the extent the Employee meets the requirements for a Disability Pension under Section 3.09 of this Plan.

For an Employee to be eligible for a Partial Pension from the this Plan, he must have at least two years of Pension Credits based on actual employment for which contributions have been made to this Plan.

In applying the rules of this Plan with respect to Breaks in Service, any period in which an Employee has earned credited service in the Other Plan will be considered a grace period under this Plan but only for the purpose of not incurring a Permanent Break in Service as provided in Section 4.06.

Section 8.02.     Partial Pension Amount .

The amount of the Partial Pension is computed by multiplying the credited service under this Plan by the retirement benefit in effect during each period of service under this Plan. In the event of more than one period of service, the monthly pension benefit will be determined by (1) multiplying the credited service for each period by the appropriate rate for that period and (2) adding together each of these amounts.