You must file a written application with the Board of Trustees on an application form that will be provided, upon request, by the Fund Office. Application for retirement must be filed during the month prior to the Effective Date on which you wish to have your pension payments begin. You are encouraged to file as soon as you decide on your intended retirement date, but not earlier than 90 days before your intended retirement date. Early filing will avoid a delay in the processing of your application and the start of payment of benefits.


Your pension benefits will begin on the first day of the first month after you have met all requirements for entitlement to benefits. Remember, such requirements include filing a complete pension application in advance of the date you want your pension payments to begin.

Special conditions may also apply for the Husband and Wife payment forms (see page ___).


Your pension is increased from your pension payable at Normal Retirement Age for each month in which you did not work in employment for which your benefit was suspended (page ___) after Normal Retirement Age.


You may not delay the commencement of your pension beyond April 1st of the calendar year following the calendar year in which you reach age 70˝. The plan is required to begin your pension as of that date, even if you do not apply. This rule applies whether or not you retire. If you continue to work in Covered Employment past age 70 ˝, your benefit will be adjusted once every year to take into account the additional benefits you accrued and the new pension amount will be payable beginning February 1 of the calendar year following the year the additional amount was accrued.


If your application for benefits is denied in whole or in part, the Fund Office will provide you with a written notice which sets forth the reasons for the denial, references to any pertinent Plan provisions, a description of any additional material or information which might help your claim, and an explanation of why that information is necessary.

If you receive such a notice, of if you disagree with a policy, determination or action of the Fund, you may submit a written appeal to the Trustees, requesting that the Board of Trustees review your benefit denial or the Fund policy, determination or action with which you disagree. Your written appeal must be submitted within 180 days of receiving the notice of denial of benefits, or within 60 days after you learn of a Fund policy, determination or action with which you disagree and which is not a benefits denial.

Your written appeal should state the reason for your appeal. This does not mean that you are required to cite all applicable Plan provisions or to make “legal” arguments; however, you should state clearly why you believe you are entitled to the benefit you claim, or why you disagree with a Fund policy, determination or action. The Trustees can best consider your position if they clearly understand your claims, reasons and/or objections.

The Trustees, or a designated Committee of the Trustees, will review your appeal at their quarterly meeting immediately following receipt of your appeal, unless your appeal was received by the Fund Office within 30 days of the date of the meeting. In that case, your appeal would be reviewed at the second quarterly meeting following receipt of the appeal. You may wish to contact the Fund Office concerning the date of the next meeting, so that you may submit your appeal in time to be heard at that meeting. If special circumstances require an extension of the time for review by the Trustees or Committee, you will be notified in writing.

You will receive written notice of the decision of the Trustees or Committee promptly after review by the Trustees or Committee. The notice will explain the reasons for the decision, will include specific references to Plan provisions on which the decision is based, and may indicate whether additional information might help your claim.

You may renew your appeal if you have any additional information or arguments to present. A renewed appeal must be submitted in writing, and the rules and time limits stated above apply. In connection with an appeal or renewed appeal, you may review pertinent documents in the Fund Office after making appropriate arrangements, or you may request that documents be provided to you. The Fund may charge $.25 per page to provide documents to you, and this amount must be paid in advance.