The following additional information concerning your Plan is being provided to you in accordance with government regulations:

  1. The National Automatic Sprinkler Metal Trades Pension Plan is a defined benefit plan.

  2. The Board of Trustees have been designated as the agent for the service of legal process. Service of legal process may be made upon a Plan Trustee or at the Fund Office.

  3. All contributions to the Plan are made by Employers in accordance with their collective bargaining agreements with the Union. The collective bargaining agreements require that contributions be made to the Plan at fixed rates per hour worked. The Fund Office will, upon written request, provide you with information as to whether a particular Employer is contributing to this Plan on behalf of Employees working under a collective bargaining agreement.

  4. Benefits are provided from the Fundís assets, which are accumulated under the provisions of the Trust Agreement and held in a trust fund for the purpose of providing benefits to covered Participants and defraying reasonable administrative expenses.

  5. The Fundís assets are held in custody by Bankers Trust Company.