How The Plan Works
Administration of the Plan

The Plan is administered by a joint Board of Trustees with an equal number of Union representatives and representatives of Contributing Employers in accordance with the Trust Agreement. The Plan was created in accordance with the Trust Agreement which establishes the Trustees' duties and authority to administer the Plan. The names, titles and business addresses of each of the current Trustees are as follows:

Stanley M. Smith

Sprinkler Fitters Local 483  
23314 Cabot Blvd.
Hayward, CA  94545

Richard D. Sullivan

National Fire Sprinkler Association
P. O. Box 1000
Patterson, NY  12563

Sal Chiaravalloti

Sprinkler Fitters Local 709
12140 Rivera Road
Whittier, CA  90606

Cornelius J. Cahill

National Fire Sprinkler Association
P. O. Box 1000
Patterson, NY  12563

Michael K. Dahl

Sprinkler Fitters Local 699
2800 First Avenue #111
Seattle, WA  98121

John P. McKeefe

National Fire Sprinkler Association
P. O. Box 1000
Patterson, NY  12563

Wayne Miller

Sprinkler Fitters Local 692
14002 McNulty Road
Philadelphia, PA  19154

John DeYoung

Scott E. Campbell Co.
2532 East 49th Street
Vernon, CA  90058

Bradley M. Karbowsky

Road Sprinkler Fitters Local 669
7050 Oakland Mills Road, Suite 200
Columbia, MD  21046

John Joyce

Geo. M. Robinson & Co.
852 85th Avenue
Oakland, CA  94621

The Fund Office, in Landover, Maryland, operates the Plan on a day-to-day basis. The name and address of the Fund Administrator is:

Michael W. Jacobson
8000 Corporate Drive
Landover, Maryland  20785
(301) 577-1700

Normal Business Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Eastern Time) Monday through Friday

Inquiries relating to investment of your Individual Account should be directed to:

SIS Pension Fund Service Center
(800) 538-2476

Voice Response System Hours:  Monday-Sunday (including holidays), 6:00 a.m.- 12:00 midnight (Eastern Time)

Service Representatives Hours:  Monday-Friday (excluding New York Stock Exchange holidays), 9:00 a.m.- 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Time)

Individual Accounts

An Individual Account is an account established for each Employee covered by the Plan. Your Individual Account is established when you become a "Participant." (See page 5, "Who is Covered by the Plan?") Contributions made on your behalf are credited to your Individual Account. Your Individual Account is adjusted for the investment income, gains and losses in asset value and expenses for the investment option or options you select for your Individual Account. Your Individual Account is also charged a proportionate share of general Plan expenses. The amount that accumulates in your Individual Account, valued according to Plan rules, is your benefit from this Plan.

Valuation of Individual Accounts

The value of your Individual Account is determined daily. You can obtain the value of your account by calling the SIS Pension Fund Service Center at (800) 538-2476.  You will receive a Statement after the end of each calendar quarter telling you the balance in your Individual Account as of the end of the calendar quarter.

The amount in your Individual Account is calculated as follows:

The amount in your individual account as of the previous valuation


Employer contributions received on your behalf since the previous valuation

plus or minus

Your share of the earnings or losses since the previous valuation from the investment option you have selected


Your share, since the previous valuation, of the investment fees and costs associated with the investment option you have selected


your share of the general administrative costs to operate the Plan since the previous valuation


if applicable, charges to specific individual accounts for the processing of a Qualified Domestic Relations Order or a transfer (other than a roll-over) of the individual account to another Plan. These charges will be the actual fees and costs of the Plan in connection with the processing of the QDRO or the transfer.